LemonTree by grismarengo (cc: by-nc)
LemonTree by grismarengo (cc: by-nc)

Welcome to the recently opened Lemon Tree Café! I hope this blog will be an open space for everybody to communicate and to get some information about the actual situation on the ground in Palestine. I mainly will talk on this blog about my experiences, observations and thoughts as an Ecumenical Accompanier in Hebron (Palestine).

This all here is still pretty much a work in progress and you may expect changes and additions to this website frequently. I also hope to compile some useful information in a nice and compact way to get you up and running about the Israel/Palestinian-conflict. It is a long an complicated story, so don’t be afraid if you don’t understand something! A simple question in the comments might help to clarify things. So don’t hesitate to ask all kind of questions in the comments. If you want to have a special topic covered by this blog: put it in the comments. There is also a twitter account \@TLTCafe where you can follow me, ask questions and make comments. I will do my best to answer all requests.

And finally you might ask yourself: “All nice and fine, but why did this guy pick »Lemon Tree Café« as a name for a blog, if its all about Palestine and not about citric fruits and gastronomy?” The answer to this riddle is that I imagined this blog as a virtual incarnation of the Lemon Tree Café from the fabulous book Once upon a Country by Sari Nusseibeh. In one chapter of this book he describes a Café he opened together with his wife in the old town of Jerusalem. It became quick a meeting point for young Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals to discuss arts, politics and every day life in the shadow of a Lemon Tree in the Old City of Jerusalem. Especially in these days, where a solution of the conflict seems so far away, it is always important to facilitate all kind of communication among the people. Only if one communicates, people are able to recognize each other as human beings which deserve a life in dignity and freedom. And this is from my point of view the only way to produce a long lasting peace.

So sit back, have a tee (or coffee or mate) and engage in communication at this wonderful little space here!

Lars, Jerusalem 25.11.2011

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