Habemus Podcast!
Habemus Podcast!

So in the last 2 weeks I surprisingly transformed into a podcaster. I got interviewed by Holger Klein a German radio moderate who also has a podcast called WRINT (Wer redet ist nicht tot.) and I started my own podcast with my great colleague Ian.

I really recommend the interview with Holgi if you are a German speaker. This guy is really good in asking the right questions and leading a conversations.

WR044 Holger ruft an: In der Westbank

If you want to listen to some amateurs trying to get a feeling how to do podcasts than you are right at:

This is not BBC Hebron/Al-Khalil

I don’t wanna scare anybody. I think we did a great job with this to until now released podcasts, but like always there is room for improvement. So brace yourself for more podcast material!

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